Want to be in <Europa>? this is how you can join us.

This is where potential new members learn more about <Europa> and old veterans tell their dragon tales. Feel free to post anything EQ related here or ask questions.
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Want to be in <Europa>? this is how you can join us.

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Greetings potential recruit

Europa? Whats this all about then?

First, a few things about ourselves: Europa stands for fun and mature EQ gaming. We only accept friendly, no-drama players. We like to make EQ entertaining. And you can be part of that. The purpose of the guild is to make new friends, group up and explore Everquest together.

The guild was created as a home for European players, this means most of us play at European times. But we do have members all over the world. If you reside elsewhere, please specify in your application as to why you want to join an European based guild.

* Act professional and friendly towards other players not just in guild but to everyone playing on P99. With a good attitude we will bring good words of who we are that will mean more friendly members.

* Excessive begging or power leveling is not accepted. Keep it professional, do not over do it.

* Try and make this a drama-free experience for everyone in our guild. If you have an issue try and work it out instead of bitching. If it can't be resolved, bring it up with one of our officers.

* Do not bring the guild down by negative attitude, neither in-game or on the official forums.

* You can have as many alts in Europa as you wish after passing trial.

* The use of /anonymous is not allowed. Use /role instead.

*ENGLISH: We need to ask you for a minimal level of english knowledge in order to enter <Europa>. Keep in mind that all the /guildchat are in English, so a minimal level of knowledge is a must.

That sounds cool, how do I join?

The current recruitment officers are Kinya

Firstly, you need to make a forums account with the same name as your character. After you have done so, you need to make an introductory post in the Applications forum, using the template of questions provided in the second post of the thread at the top of the forum.

When you have posted, all you need to do is check occasionally and see if you get stickied (you can easily see this because it has a star (not in corner) or exclamation icon to the left of you subjects post, Image or Image depending on what skin you use.). When you do, *you need to contact one of the recruitment officers*. We do trials on a first come first served basis, and we generally stick posts on Tuesdays. You have that week to get in contact, and then we set you to inactive. If you have gone inactive but decide you still want your trial, you can contact one of us to discuss it.

While you are waiting, feel free to browse the LFG forums and get to know the guild a bit.

How the trial process works -

When you get stickied, you contact one of the recruitment officers. We will have a wee chat with you, kind of a getting to know each other thing. If that all goes smoothly, we give you the invite. We only tag one character during your trial, to keep things neat and let people feedback you on your prefered character. Your thread will then be moved to a members only forum to be used for the feedback process.

We use a pure feedback system. You group, talk, and otherwise interact with members, and they give a + or - on you. Basically, try not to be a jerk and you are likely to pass. We are a fairly easygoing and laid back bunch.

If your trial gains a number of negative votes, you will be put up to a guildvote. If you fail your trial or go inactive while on trial time, You may re-apply once. The cooldown for re-applying is two months after the previous trials end

You will have limited forum access in trial status, and full access upon reaching full member status.

You will not be able to get any items (except some resist gear) from Guildbank untill you pass the trial.

What can I do while waiting for my turn to come?

It's always nice to come here and bump your application thread with new info on yourself, level ups, histories etc. You can also try and start socializing with our members in game.

Old Returning Member procedure - I am Europa tagged but been AFK for a lot !! What can I do?

Contact one of the recruitment officers and we will have a chat. If you have a character <Europa> tagged and have been gone 6 months or more you might have to do an Old Returning Member (ORM) trial. Its similar to a normal applicant trial. We do this in order to make sure people that have been AFK for a lot learn our new rules and also to get themselves known again.

I have other/unrelated questions, who can I contact?

One of our lovely officers!
Kinya the High Priest
KineKline mini Rogue
Kinshop EC slave

Use your voice! Leave some feedback!
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