Awesome music while playing

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Re: Awesome music while playing

Post by Qtee »

Awesome ! ty much
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Re: Awesome music while playing

Post by inyahin »

I love Delain" onclick=";return false;

And Nightwish" onclick=";return false;

And Within Temptation" onclick=";return false;

And Closterkeller" onclick=";return false;

And of course
METALLICA" onclick=";return false;

Although, not so much on youtube - too many compression artifacts! :)
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Re: Awesome music while playing

Post by Natoria »

Gaviilan wrote:Amazing song:" onclick=";return false;
Saw them live 4 times now. Has always been a blast.

Atm i Prefer stuff like this:

Alter Bridge
Underoath. They had just some sick drums. Sadly they broke up 2013
Rise Against
Bullet for my Valentine (Probably the sickest concert intro i've ever seen
And can't vor get Tool

And move more. Fast gitarres, some Melodie, some singing and screaming.
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Re: Awesome music while playing

Post by Mythoclast »

Aye, used to listen to Two Steps From Hell quite a bit. I enjoy the track "JUMP" the most! That energy! :D" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Awesome music while playing

Post by slozem »

Marina and the Diamonds - Savages

:) Fits so many themes today, and definitely when raiding
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Re: Awesome music while playing

Post by Gaviilan »" onclick=";return false;

And anything from nobuo uematsu tbh.
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Re: Awesome music while playing

Post by Gazbum »

Mike Patton doing full Mondo Cane show in Chile. Can't listen to this enough really. Scoff away. 8-)
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Re: Awesome music while playing

Post by Forau »

The soundtrack of Conan the Barbarian is #1 for gaming, easilly! :)
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Re: Awesome music while playing

Post by Lubias »

Only music you'll ever need is Iron Maiden.
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Re: Awesome music while playing

Post by Talomin »

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